When it comes to South Africa, you unfortunately have to put a price on security. Technopark is therefore excited to welcome ABC Security to the Technopark community as both tenant and prospective property owner. Learn more about what it means to have ABC Security in your backyard.

Crime on the rise in Stellenbosch


Crime remains of serious concern in South Africa. Between January and March 2021, according to the South African Police Service (SAPS):

  • Hijacking was up 4.9%
  • Truck hi-jacking was up 24.6%
  • Residential robbery was up 7.6%
  • Non-residential robbery was up 2.8%

While crime rates in Stellenbosch decreased when level-five lockdown restrictions were initially instituted in March 2020, crime has gradually increased since February 2021. In April MatieMedia.org writer Jana Scheepers reported that, according to Sergeant Jason Rhoda of Stellenbosch SAPS, property-related crime, such as house break-ins, had increased, with theft out of motor vehicles in- and outside of residential areas becoming of great concern.

Technopark is a beautiful open-access business park in Stellenbosch, easily accessible from the R44 between Stellenbosch and Somerset West, and governed by the Stellenbosch municipality. Like the rest of Stellenbosch, when it comes to crime, Technopark is only as safe as the precautions building owners and tenants take to secure their premises and ensure the safety of their employees and business assets. While investing in alarms, CCTV cameras, guards, access control and employee awareness efforts are the first steps towards maintaining a more robust security arrangement for your business, having an experienced and dedicated private security company in your area serves as a major crime deterrent. It is for this reason that TechstelSRA decided to appoint local company ABC Security as the preferred security service provider in Technopark in 2018.

Demonstrating impeccable service, a technology-focused approach to proactive security and over 150 years of accumulated experience amongst their executive management team, ABC Security has been a great fit for Technopark. We are therefore excited to report that the company will now call Technopark home. Over the next few months, ABC will be moving its headquarters to 19 Quantum Street, to a building to be bought and owned by the company. With this move, ABC brings with it a 24/7 security presence in Technopark, a dedicated interest in protecting its surroundings and a community-focused approach to business.

If you are not yet familiar with ABC Security, let’s briefly introduce you to this local Stellenbosch private security company.


Who is ABC Security?


ABC Security is Stellenbosch’s largest SAIDSA-approved dedicated local private security company. As a privately owned entity, with a dedicated focus on the Cape Winelands, the company is not only run by an experienced team of executives but also has its roots in the community.

“To give a good service you need your finger on the pulse,” explains founding member Clinton Lemmer. “If you haven’t got the executive management based locally, you can’t give the same service. Like a local doctor or hardware store, you know what the community requires. And even when you drop the ball, which happens sometimes, you make sure you are always innovating through your policies and procedures.”

ABC provides key products and services for home and commercial security in Stellenbosch, Somerset West and Paarl, including:

  • Indoor and outdoor alarm systems
  • CCTV systems and access control
  • 24/7 alarm monitoring and armed response
  • Guarding services and security installations

Technology-focused proactive security


In order to remain at the forefront of security provision in South Africa, ABC is highly invested in technological innovation. For Lemmer and his team, the only way to truly maintain an action-oriented approach to crime prevention is to be proactive, and technology is its greatest facilitator. ABC therefore maintains a strong IT division, which, among other things, leverages software platforms and explores the use of new surveillance technologies in areas of artificial intelligence, facial and image recognition, as well as the potential of drones. The right technology, according to Lemmer, gives you a bird’s eye view of an area. The ability to pick up irregular or unusual behaviour in real time, or establish trends through analysing data, facilitates proactive measures to security that ultimately assist the company in being able to better provide their services.

If any companies are interested in exploring cooperative opportunities in areas of tech, especially drones, then please contact Stephen Nelson.


A community partner


Sales Director Stephen Nelson explains that, in his view, it is their commitment to client satisfaction and their focus on the local community that really set ABC apart.

ABC Security prides itself on always going the extra mile in terms of service and offering. They profess to only installing quality components, their armed response units consist of high-calibre well-trained officers, and their technicians are all qualified, customer-oriented and responsive. Moreover, the company provides value adds such as ER24 emergency assistance for anyone on a client’s property, as well as a soon-to-be-launched loyalty programme that links their private clients and business clients in order to bolster the local economy.

Beyond its direct business interests, however, ABC tries to use its own network to positively impact business and communities in Stellenbosch in general.

Besides being intricately involved in the Stellenbosch Security network, the company has established the Stellenbosch Local Economy Booster group on Facebook. The group is a unique platform for local businesses and residents of Stellenbosch to engage with one another, especially in the wake of the devastating effects of COVID-19. It provides a network to strengthen local businesses and stimulate the economy through networking and free exposure. ABC also invites all Technopark businesses to take part in their Local Payback Charity Golf Day. The event takes place on the 10th of September at the Stellenbosch Golf Club. All proceeds will go towards supporting the local Stellenbosch non-profit Youth Outreach Stellenbosch.

For more information on community partnerships, please contact Stephen Nelson.


Welcome to Technopark


Technopark is excited to welcome ABC Security to the Technopark community. With their proven track record in service excellence and a focus on community safety and upliftment, we are sure that Technopark will be getting the dedicated focus it requires.

For further information about security in Technopark, please visit our safety and security page and feel welcome to join the Technopark Security WhatsApp Group by contacting Deleur Stander.

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