A few weeks ago we reported on a devious new technique crooks are using to bypass security systems and gain access to office buildings over weekends. Fortunately, the Techno Park SRA, TechstelSRA has been hard at work formulating plans that will improve the overall security in the Park, and that promise also to provide enhanced protection options for your business premises.

After thorough investigation, TechstelSRA has decided to appoint local company ABC Security as a preferred security service provider in Techno Park. Founded in 1988, ABC Security has 30 years of experience in the security industry. For the last decade they have been based exclusively in Stellenbosch, where they service over 2200 clients. Their control hub is in Trumali House, next to the R44 entrance into Stellenbosch from the Somerset West side – and hence a mere hop and a skip away from Techno Park.

In addition to their prime location and insider knowledge of the Stellenbosch area, ABC Security boasts a full complement of top-quality security services: graded tactical response officers, highly trained technicians, medical response units (ER24), and a fully staffed 24/7 control room.

Image of ABC Security Armed Response Vehicles

Deleur Stander, head of the security portfolio for the Techno Park management body, explains that ABC Security services came out on top after a thorough tender process. Their price, proximity and full suite of comprehensive security services puts them in a prime position to provide top value to Techno Park customers.

“ABC Security is our preferred security service provider,” says Stander. “One of their first orders of business will be to upgrade the security camera network in Techno Park – this will be done by December – and they will also take over the monitoring.” Stander mentions that while business owners in Techno Park are free to continue making use of their own preferred security service providers, their own push as a management body is towards centralising the security detail as much as possible.

“It’s quite simple – if more people sign up for ABC Security, monitoring and response becomes more efficient throughout the Park,” Stander explains. They have given the green light to ABC to get in touch with Techno Parkers to introduce themselves and to explain some of the benefits their presence in the Park will bring.

“Part of our focus on security in Techno Park will be the launch of a security awareness campaign,” says Schalk Burger, the independent security consultant driving the campaign in partnership with ABC Security. The campaign, which will run until mid-December and then kick off again for the month of January, will focus on introducing ABC Security to Techno Parkers through a variety of media, and will also introduce a number of safety tips to improve security at the workplace and during the holiday period. Communication around security precautions during construction activities, and tips on cybersecurity will also form part of the campaign.

“We’ll be emphasising preventative security measures through regular updates and activities, which will help to keep security issues at the top of people’s minds and create an environment in which it becomes tougher for criminals to do their work,” Burger explains.

With more than 100 personnel and 7 dedicated maintenance teams, the appointment of ABC Security bodes well for Techno Park – especially at a time, as we have seen, when criminals are becoming increasingly inventive in their efforts to outwit security systems. Nelson and his team of specialists will be getting in touch with Techno Park establishments in the coming months, and we urge you to listen carefully to what they have to say.

For any contacts or queries, Techno Parkers can get in touch with Stephen Nelson from ABC Security at stephen@abcsecurity.co.za, or 082 709 1646.

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