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Technopark is an innovative business park that offers a range of offices to rent in Stellenbosch. Join our vibrant community.

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Innovative Stellenbosch Business Park

Technopark is a business park located just outside Stellenbosch. In a collaborative effort by the Stellenbosch University and the local municipality, it aims to be an interactive, learning, innovation and knowledge-collaboration environment for technical, social and environmental sustainability excellence. Our community is built up from small startups to major conglomerates who rent space in business premises surrounded by the natural beauty of the Cape.

The Techno Park App

Techno App is the official smart community app of Techno Park – a technology business park outside of Stellenbosch in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Services in
the park

When you look for business space to rent, you want make sure your employees have everything they need in close proximity. Scattered amongst the many office buildings and green spaces in Technopark Stellenbosch are service providers with a keen interest in bringing value to your business. From refreshment to fitness, health to wellness, why leave the park when what you need may just be in a healthy walking distance from your office? Browse our services to find out more.

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Safety &

Renting business premises comes with risk. You want to be sure that your assets and employees are secure in your Stellenbosch work space. In Technopark we try to go the extra mile to ensure a safe and secure business office park for all who live, work and play here. Take note of the following information to keep yourself and your colleagues informed.

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Engineering business success in 2023: Business Acumen

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Eliciting the deep relaxation response

The stress response has historically helped the vulnerable human species survive in a volatile world filled with danger. However, in our interconnected and high-paced phase of modernity, people increasingly find it difficult to put the brakes on stress. Chronic stress leads to life-threatening physical and mental health problems. In this article we briefly unpack the stress response and then look at how the relaxation response offers a helpful solution.

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Is unconscious bias holding your business back?

Is unconscious bias holding your business back?

Diversity, equity and inclusivity are on the top of the agenda for organisations globally. However, simply making policies and establishing codes of conduct are not enough. For real positive change to be effected, leadership and employees alike need to become aware of the unconscious biases ingrained in their thinking and in their organisational cultures. In this article we take a brief look at unconscious bias. What is it, and how may it negatively impact your business success?

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Industry 4.0: How will AI impact the modern workforce?

Industry 4.0: How will AI impact the modern workforce?

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a vital role in Industry 4.0. While AI systems are able to increase productivity and efficiency through automation, they also have the potential to seriously disrupt labour markets. What role does AI play in the fourth industrial revolution and how will this impact the workforce?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of businesses rent offices in Technopark?

Technopark offers a variety of options for offices to rent in Stellenbosch for companies of any size. From large corporates with entire buildings to startups renting space in shared buildings, Technopark is a business destination for all.

Who governs Technopark?

Technopark is under the governance of the Stellenbosch Municipality with some functions of administration falling on the Technopark SRA.

Who do I contact regarding administrative issues in Technopark?

Ultimately all issues related to parking, traffic, security and other administrative issues in Technopark need to be related to the Stellenbosch Municipality. The Technopark SRA can be notified, however, Technopark remains under municipal governance of Stellenbosch and must be dealt with by them

Do I need a permit for my food truck in Technopark?

Yes you, you need the proper permissions to service the offices in Technopark. You will need to contact the Stellenbosch Municipality for further information.

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