Technopark is a well-established business centre in the Cape Winelands area. The business park offers prime offices to rent surrounded by lush winelands and beautiful mountain views. If you are looking for offices near Cape Town, here are four more reasons to make Technopark Stellenbosch your home.


1. A rich history of innovation

Technopark’s history as a leading South African business park is grounded in the late 1970’s when Prof Christo Viljoen, then vice-dean of the Engineering faculty at Stellenbosch University, visited Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan. Impressed by Hsinchu’s innovative approach, Prof Viljoen brought the concept back to Stellenbosch and managed to obtain buy-in from the local and national government to establish a similar venture. Supported by the then Industrial Development Corporation, Technopark was established in 1985 and housed an incubator as well as an innovation lab. The park was managed by a committee and the local municipality.

Since it’s commercialisation in the 1990’s, Technopark Stellenbosch has become a prime business location where leading South African companies in areas of technology, innovation and sustainability have located their operations. In 2015, the Technopark Special Ratings Area (SRA) was established as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) who, in collaboration with the Stellenbosch Municipality, take care of the management of the office park, its marketing, as well as the improvement of Technopark’s facilities. The ultimate goal has shifted towards improving the value of property in Technopark, attracting high calibre tenants and establishing a community feeling.

Technopark has become home to many leading South African corporates and innovative local start-ups. Large-name companies like Distell, Capitec Bank, the Peace Parks Foundation, Experion/Compuscan and Entersekt can be found alongside innovative up-and-comers in areas of software development, marketing and retail. Moreover, Technopark is home to the acclaimed Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography as well as Elizabeth Galloways Academy of Fashion Design.

The centralisation of like-minded professionals, especially in areas of technology and design, offers great opportunity for creative collaboration and innovative partnerships.


2. Strategic business location

Technopark is situated about 3km from the town centre of Stellenbosch and is bordered by vineyards of the farm Kleine Zalze and the Stellenbosch Golf Course. Perched on a hill, the park boasts splendid views of the town and surrounding mountains. Located just off the R44 – linking Stellenbosch, Somerset West, and the Strand – the park is accessible from Baden Powell en routeto the N2 / Cape Town and is a mere 30-minute drive from Cape Town International Airport, 5 minutes from Stellenbosch Airfield, 45 minutes from Cape Town city centre and approximately 4km from the University of Stellenbosch’s campus.


3. Top notch amenities

A key value of locating your business in an office park such as Technopark Stellenbosch, is the availability of amenities that add value to your business and take care of your employees. Scattered amongst the many buildings and green spaces in Technopark are service providers catering to the everyday needs of your employees. Restaurants and gyms as well as health and medical professionals are available in walking distance from any office building. The Protea Hotel by Marriotis moreover centrally located in the bounds of Technopark. The hotel offers world-class accommodation for short and long-stay business trips, as well as a comprehensive service for meetings and events, with a total event space of 11 000 square foot and five breakout rooms.


4. Dedicated Safety and Security

Safety and security is of key concern to any business, no matter their size. Technopark Stellenbosch falls under the governance of the Stellenbosch Municipality. However, with security being a prime area of concern to the Technopark SRA, further security measure have been put in place to keep tenants safe throughout the day and at a night.  Above and beyond the local police and emergency services, ABC Security has become the preferred private security provider in the Stellenbosch business park. The local security company does not only provide the technology to keep business premises safe, but offers real visible protection within the bounds of the park. Moreover, Technopark maintains a WhatsApp Security Group to keep tenants up-to-date with recent incidents, and to report any suspicious behaviour of people or vehicles in the park. Finally, Technopark maintains a visual record of every vehicle entering or leaving the Park through the means of security cameras. Our security system acts as a deterrent and assists the security team in identifying suspicious  vehicles. The captured information can also be communicated to SAPS to assist in investigations.


Experience it for yourself

Technopark has a rich history of seeing businesses emerge, grow and expand. As a centralised business hub, with a strategic geographic location, the park remains an attractive business centre dedicated to innovation. The next time you are driving along the R44, maybe take a turn into the recently expanded Techno Avenue, just off of the beautiful Blauklippen Wine Estate, and come and experience it for yourself.

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