The Technopark SRA is committed to the goal of establishing Technopark Stellenbosch as the premiere business park in the Cape Winelands. A key portfolio that contributes to this goal is security.

In our ongoing commitment to keep you informed about security incidents in the area, we are happy to share with you an overview of notable events that occurred in 2023. 

We also include safety tips and precautions, as well as contact information to report any suspicious behaviour. Finally, we present you with a brief overview of Technopark’s security camera positions, and a sample of the Security Patrol Program.

We thank you for your continued vigilance and cooperation to keep the Technopark Stellenbosch community safe!

Some tips to keep you safe

  • Please make sure that the outside lights of your business are switched on at night.
  • Be sure, where possible, to display emergency contact numbers somewhere on the exterior of the building that houses your business. This can help Technopark security to get in touch with you (and/or your security company) in case of incidents.
  • Please be sure to adhere to the speed limit in Technopark. This prevents vehicle accidents and pedestrian safety.
  • While driving, or when your car is unattended, remember to keep valuables out of sight. This minimises the possibility of smash-and-grab incidents.
  • If you have any questions or notice suspicious behaviour, contact the local security services or send us a mail at info@technopark.co.za.

Technopark WhatsApp Group

Join our dedicated WhatsApp security group to keep up-to-date with recent incidents, and to report any suspicious behaviour of people or vehicles in the park.

Contact: Deleur Stander at gm@phstellenbosch.com

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