Techno Park Stellenbosch is excited to move into the era of mobile applications with the launch of Techno App – a smart community application for Techno Park Stellenbosch. 


The era of mobile applications


It is difficult to conceive that it has been a mere decade since Apple and Google launched their app stores. Apple started with releasing 552 apps that could be downloaded on iPhone, with 135 of them being for free. In just one week, 10,000,000 iPhone users downloaded at least one app. In 2020, there were 4.42 million apps available on the Apple and Google app stores combined, with app revenue reaching around the $462 Billion mark.

Apps are individual pieces of software that serve to provide users with similar services to those accessed on personal computers. In the era of mobile applications, technology has seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. From how we wake, eat, exercise and communicate, to how we manage our productivity, finances, health and security, apps have served to fundamentally change the way we live, interact and play.

Techno Park is therefore proud to announce its own movement into the era of mobile applications with the launch of a smart community app for Techno Park – Techno App.


How will a smart community app benefit Techno Park Stellenbosch?


A smart community can be thought of as a place where technology is harnessed to provide community members with a more convenient, sustainable, and secure living and working environment. 

As a business park, Techno Park represents a complex mix of businesses, residents, merchants, property managers and security providers that populate a communal space but do not explicitly interact on a daily basis. The Techno App aims to offer the Techno Park community a conduit that simplifies community interaction, management and interconnectivity.

Simply put, the app should be a one-stop-shop for organisations and working professionals in the park that provides practical solutions that make their lives easier.

Key features of this initial launch include:


  • Interacting via groups and direct chat.
  • Advertising organisations and/or skill sets, and rental opportunities.
  • Reporting incidents/faults in Techno Park.
  • Finding out what is happening in terms of events, projects, promotions, etc.
  • Accessing a security portal with real-time updates on a continuous basis.


Help us build a better Techno Park Stellenbosch


The launch of the Techno App is just the beginning. We aim to constantly improve the app by incorporating new functionalities as demand grows within the Park and surrounding areas, with a specific focus on empowering its users and our local businesses.

 The best way to understand and improve technology is to constantly test it. We therefore urge all Techno Park community members to please download the Techno App and help us to not only better its functionality but to build a better Techno Park through it.

Download the app here

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