Capitec has received Municipal approval to proceed with the construction of their new office building in Technopark. The project will break ground in the week of 20-25 August 2018 and it is foreseen that construction will conclude early 2020.

In order to manage any disruptions that may occur during the construction period, Capitec will have a professional team on board with WBHO as the main contractor. Jaco Bergh, WBHO’s site agent, is contactable at 0836074459 and email address: jaco_bergh@wbho.co.za. They will endeavour to limit inconveniences to Technopark community members to the absolute minimum.

WBHO has also been added to the Technopark WhatsApp group to ease communication from their side regarding any emergency situations that they may become aware of whilst on site.

From the SRA’s side, we urge you to join our Security WhatsApp group, Facebook page and Facebook Community Forum Group. You can also follow us on Twitter (@StelTechnopark) and communicate on #Technostel to keep communication channels open and participate in keeping the Technopark Stellenbosch community connected.

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