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Swart Attorneys

Law Contact: Dérick Swart
Work Octoplace 9D 5 Elektron Road Technopark Stellenbosch 7600 Work Phone: 0218805160 Work Fax: 0218802807 Website: http://www.swart.law/default.aspx


Photo of Swart Attorneys

At Swart Attorneys we translate good ideas into tangible value.

Our slogan “from IP to IPO” describes the exciting journey from the inception and protection of an idea (intellectual property) to creating stakeholder value, which may ultimately include going public on a securities exchange (initial public offering).

During the entrepreneurial journey, we offer the following services to advise businesses at each stage of their maturity:-

Intellectual property law services:
-International registration & management of intellectual property rights
-Patent & design registration with our trusted network of external experts
-Transactions & commercialisation, e.g. licensing, assignments, securitisation
Corporate & commercial law services:
-Transactional work, e.g. mergers, acquisitions, due diligence
-Corporate governance, structures, shareholder relationships
-Funding, private equity, venture capital
-Company secretarial
Technology law services:
-Development, support, maintenance, outsourcing, service level & licence agreements
-Artificial intelligence, machine learning & predictive analytics
-Software-as-a-service, cloud computing
-Data, privacy
-Bespoke escrow services

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Octoplace 9D 5 Elektron Road Stellenbosch 7600

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