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Mantula Solar

Contact: Jonathan Bach
Work Unit A7 5 Elektron Road Stellenbosch 7600 South Africa Work Phone: (021) 201-1334 Website: Mantula Solar

Marite Property Administrators

Work Unit 1 Titan House Termo Lane Techno Park Stellenbosch 7600 Work Phone: +27 (0)21 882 9061
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Work 1B Meson Street Techno Park Stellenbosch South Africa Work Phone: 021 880 1404 Website: http://www.matogen.com

Medical & Dental Center

Work Techno Drive Medical Center Stellenbosch South Africa


Work 9 Elektron Road Ground Floor Time Square Building Stellenbosch 7600 Work Phone: +27 21 300 1720 Website: https://www.digital.methys.com/
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Work 14 Quantam Street Technopark Stellenbosch South Africa Work Phone: 021 880 2033 Website: https://mezzanineware.com/

Micro Robotics

Contact: Zander van Jaarsveld
Work Technostell Building 9 Quantum rd Unit 5 Stellenbosch 7600 Work Phone: 021 007 2971 Website: https://www.robotics.org.za/

Milk is Good

Work Unit 16 9 on Quantum Techno Park Stellenbosch South Africa Work Phone: 021 880 1384 Website: http://www.milkisgood.co.za

Mishka Lombardi Collective

Contact: Mishka Lombardi Kotzenberg
Work Studio 2 3 Meson Close Stellenbosch 7600 Cell Phone: +27 82 5004627

Money in Motion

Work 9 Quantum Street Technostell Building Stellenbosch Work Phone: 083 355 7983 Website: http://www.moneyinmotion.co.za

Moonstone Infromation Refinery

Work 25 Quantum Street Techno Park Stellenbosch 7600 Work Phone: 021 883 8000 Website: https://www.moonstone.co.za/
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MOORE Stellenbosch

Work MOORE Stellenbosch Moore Stellenbosch Building 24 Techno Drive Stellenbosch Work Phone: +27 (0)21 880 1718 Website: https://www.moore-southafrica.com/locations/moore-stellenbosch

Mugg & Bean On the Move Technopark

Contact: Sonet Ruthven
Work 14 Quantum Street Techno Park Stellenbosch 7600 Work Phone: 063 467 7502 Website: https://bit.ly/3QNHAjt

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