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Thoclor Labs

Contact: Cat Russel
Work Office 3 Unit 104 Work Shack Datavoice House Stellenbosch 7600 Work Phone: 832226745 Website: https://thoclor.com/


We develop and produce the world’s most advanced skin aftercare treatment and a revolutionary skin rejuvenation product. Our GF1 Aftercare helps to heal damaged skin after invasive treatments while GF2 Skin Rejuvenation effectively halts inflammAGEING (ageing caused by environmental damage on the skin).

The GF Skin Series developed by Thoclor Labs, and backed by extensive research, makes the quest for youthful healthy skin a reality. Combining rejuvenation with healing means that our products are proven to give you the best skin possible.

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Office 3 Unit 104 Work Shack Stellenbosch 7600

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