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Investmech (Pty) Ltd

Contact: Donalda Wollow
Work 9 Quantem Street Technostel Building Techno Park Stellenbosch 7600 Work Phone: 021 880 1334 Website: http://www.investmech.com/index.html


Investmech is mechanical and industrial engineering consultants. We are experts in solving the following engineering problems:

– Excessive vibrations in structures and components – resonance, etc
– Leakage, resonance, fatigue cracking of hydraulic systems
– Structural fatigue and fracture
– Fatigue failure of structures and components
– Crack propagation in structures and components
– Heat transfer problems
– Creep related problems
– Failure investigations
– Malfunction of control systems
– Ventilation system design (we did the Gautrain ventilation system calculations)
– Noise measurement, analysis and control
– Vibration measurement, analysis and control
– Condition-based maintenance
– Asset integrity assurance

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9 Quantem Street Technostel Building Stellenbosch 7600

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